Welcome back!


Got my aspired degree last October 2015.

Folks, I am back after more than two years of hiatus due to my pressing academic commitments I had to face during my third and fourth years of my undergraduate studies. I had to set aside blogging because the path to graduate as a Political Science degree holder was really rough than what I used to imagine. It was rough because I studied at one of the elite universities in the Visayas, the University of San Carlos and its Political Science program is considered to be the toughest but rigid for me, because its students and graduates are groomed to be average, if not great, followers of the current political system instead of being great critical thinkers and advocates. Many of my colleagues in the Political Science department of the University of San Carlos, were not able to finish the degree because professors taught that they were ready enough to engage in such rigorous research crafting, from making a proposal until the publication stage, as most of us had never grow up gathering detail information in certain political issue during their formative years. I myself failed the proposal stage once because it was not crafted well, so I had to take the second time and passed after all and paved way to my graduation last October 24, 2015. I am glad that I was able to graduate but with the full implementation of K to 12 curriculum this coming AY 2016-2017, I think it is a high time for universities with social science programs to focus more with application instead with theories like any typical medical schools where medical technology students for example, are given an adequate time of one year of applying what they have learned from class lectures through internship in different hospitals and I think social science students especially political science ones, should be given opportunities to apply what they have learned from class lectures through a prolonged internship with any institutions or organizations, not just within the Philippines but also abroad.

For the past two and a half years since I took a break from blogging, the country and the rest of the world have changed a lot because of combinations of decision-making of leaders for many years that have taken effect today. Few months after I stopped publishing articles in this blog, the catastrophic typhoon Yolanda struck the country, damaged infrastructures in some areas in the Visayas, and probably cost 10,000 lives at most and for me, human activity had something to do with the tragedy as massive consumption of coal and hydrocarbons by humans for the past three centuries, had altered the climate realities than what the nature wanted. In relation with massive consumption of coal and hydrocarbons, the prices of both commodities have continued to plummet since mid-2014 because of overproduction of crude oil from the United States primarily as a result of the advancements of hydraulic fracturing or fracking while the economic growth in emerging economies, primarily China, has cooled down due to exhaustion of export-first economic model as developed countries are too cautious in spending money of buying stuffs from emerging economies and domestic markets of emerging countries like China are not yet ready to fill the gap left by developed countries, thus lesser economic growth in emerging economies means lesser demand for commodities that could have driven prices up. The process of healing the conflict between the majority Christian and minority Moro Muslims went bumpy in 2015 because of ill-fated Mamasapano massacre where 44 policemen were killed in action by the Moro Islamic Liberation Front or MILF while they successfully captured and killed the wanted terrorist named Marwan while Basit Usman was killed few months later. The aftermath of Mamasapano massacre had raised questions of the capability and sincerity of the MILF to surrender armed struggle for parliamentary participation from those who has opposed the passage of Bangsamoro Basic Law where MILF is the representative for the Moro people. As of this moment of writing this article, the 2016 presidential election has been brewing and for me, neither of the candidates for presidency are deserving to serve the country for the next six years due to the reasons that I will have to discuss in my future articles. Well, I hope everyone will discern and enjoy my perspectives for enlightenment purposes.

Vacation is over; classes will start again

University of San Carlos, Cebu City.

University of San Carlos, Cebu City.

Vacation is over and classes of entire schools and colleges have to start classes tomorrow. Summer vacation (from late March to early June) is the funniest period of the year for any students at all levels, from kinder to college.  My Facebook news feed of today has been flooded with statuses by my friends (mostly at the college level) about the last day of long summer vacation and the first day of class tomorrow with sadness that vacation is already over. I myself almost didn’t spend summer vacation because I had to take summer classes with subjects where I haven’t taken during the regular school calender for the past two years of attending Political Science at the University of San Carlos.  This was the second consecutive year where I had to attend summer classes, but it was necessary for me to graduate by March 2015 at earliest or by October 2015 at latest.  We understand on why lament about vacation’s last day however, life is not all about relaxing anywhere with our friends but it is all about achieving our ambitions we want in the future that cannot be achieved without resorting to hard work like attending school to finish a degree then gain a stable job or start a business to support ourselves and perhaps, our future respective families. Without to resorting hard work for most of a year, I don’t think we would finish our studies, let alone achieving our ambitions.

For the past 15 years attending school, I would say that I am doing the right thing to continue with it until I finish my studies in two years, despite of temptations to quit schooling which I could have after my elementary graduation due to my severe depression I suffered when my friend of mine suddenly quit from schooling, a year before I graduated from elementary. For the past 15 years attending school, I am not aiming for accolades like being an honor student, let alone of being a dean’s lister, but I am only aiming to fulfill all curricular requisites given to me for a particular year in order to go further until right now, where I am an incoming third year college student and hopefully, I could finish my studies in two years time.  For the past 15 years attending school, I have learned my things in my life that a decade ago, I’d expect not to learn it because of the availability of the internet where I could obtain lots of information from it and share it to everyone online through social networking sites, online discussion groups, and many more.

What I wish for the next 15 years or beyond is that for myself of course, I could get a stable job anywhere in the world and for my countrymen, my advocacy that I have been fighting for can be implemented for real change of our country that every Filipinos have wish for it for many years. I have already accepted the predicament that I cannot be a leader of my country someday because I am just a merely average middle-class citizen who does not have a political connection with the government, let alone having a political family name, but what I and most Filipinos who are aspiring for real change in our political and economic system want is to have our and future leaders to listen our sentiments for change.

My colleagues, I would like to say that if you have a determination and money to attend school, do not waste the money and time given by your parents for unnecessary things like excess nightlife, taking illegal dangerous drugs, having a sex with someone without knowing future responsibilities, skipping school classes, and many more and give your utmost effect on schooling because finishing of it will assure you a better future and an assurance to live within your means until you die.