Why Mar Roxas won’t win the election


Presidential candidate Mar Roxas interviewed by news presenter Mel Tiangco (credits: GMA News TV).

Honestly, Mar Roxas is one of the most qualified person to become the president of our country for the next six years. He has been in electoral politics for more than two decades since the death of his younger brother, Dinggoy and has been a national figure since former Joseph Estrada appointed him as secretary of the Department of Trade and Industry and stayed with the post even after Erap’s resignation during EDSA II. He has made several achievements that we are benefiting right now like the flourishing Business Process Outsourcing or BPO (though all credits should not go to him) and cheaper generic medicine. He became senator in 2004 and in fact, elected with highest number of votes during that time because of his posturing as “Mr. Palengke” to connect himself to the masses. He used his senatorial term as a springboard for his ultimate ambition, to become the president of the Republic of the Philippines and since then President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo became unpopular due to electoral fraud and corruption allegations, he distanced himself from her and after 2007 midterm elections, he was already considered as one of the presidential contenders for 2010 along with then Senate president Manny Villar and then Makati mayor Jejomar Binay, his eventual opponent this election. The scenario had changed unfortunately to him when former president Cory Aquino died in August 2009 after suffering with colon cancer and her death immediately changed the landscape of the presidential race that time, 9 months away, by the way. The clamor to let then fellow senator Noynoy Aquino to run for president was increasing and thus, dooming the presidential ambition of Mar Roxas because Noynoy and Mar came from the same party, the Liberal Party, and it would be a destructive to the opposition that time to have both run as president under separate tickets and to prevent factionalism in LP, Mar Roxas eventually gave up his presidential ambition and slid down to as vice presidential candidate for Noynoy Aquino. The election went other ways to them; Noynoy won the presidency while Mar lost the vice presidency to Binay. His defeat didn’t stop him his aspiration to become president as a year later after the election, he was appointed as secretary of Department of Transportation and Communications and another year later due to unfortunate death of Jesse Robredo due to plane crash in Masbate, he was appointed as secretary of Department of Interior and Local Government and used the position as the vehicle to his recent presidential candidacy.

Despite of his experiences and qualifications, there are so many hurdles of Mar Roxas’ ambition to become president of our country. Those hurdles have been used repeatedly for many years, by the way. One of the hurdle of his candidacy is his upper-class origin, being a son of former senator Gerry Roxas and grandson of former president Manuel Roxas. Being a member of political upper-class echelon in our society makes him so aloof to the public who mainly come from lower-middle class and lower class echelons as he has a difficultly understanding the plight of those people because of the single fact that he grew up with silver spoon and the general public would obviously cringe his upbringing and this same people would rather rally for allegedly corrupt Jejomar Binay over unblemished Mar Roxas because the former grew up like them while the latter didn’t. Another hurdle to his ambition is his snobbish personality behind the scenes brought by his upbringing as he had inability to deal with several local officials like Tacloban mayor Alfred Romualdez during the aftermath of typhoon Yolanda as Mar said to Tacloban Mayor that “You’re a Romualdez and the president is Aquino” and those statements made Mar unlikable to become president as being president, you have to be a conciliator and seemed that he cannot do that because it would contradict his grown-up personality. The hurdles I have mentioned are the reasons on why Mar Roxas will not become our president to succeed Benigno Aquino III and I think his presidency would be as mediocre as the current one because of his lack of concrete vision for our country that the electorates have been searching for years. Mar, if you want to save your candidacy, it would be better to support ideas that would alleviate the poverty like removing the foreign equity ownership restrictions from our constitution as you had supported when you were the secretary of DTI during Erap’s presidency.

My thoughts on Corona’s conviction

Juan Ponce Enrile

Senator Presiding Judge Juan Ponce Enrile casts his vote for conviction of Chief Justice Renato Corona

Yesterday, the Senate acting as an Impeachment Court decides to convict the Chief Justice Renato Corona on the Article II of the Articles of Impeachment that is the culpable violation of the constitution.

The voting was unsurprisingly overwhelming with 20 senators voted for conviction and only 3 senators voted for acquittal in the person of Joker Arroyo, Bongbong Marcos, and Miriam Defensor-Santiago.

I was not surprised with the verdict against the Chief Justice even though the evidences shows otherwise as most senators voted according to their political survival in the next elections in 2013 as they had to appease the overwhelming public sentiment for conviction of the Chief Justice or just they simply hate the one who appoints the Chief Justice, the former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. Those who voted for acquittal are those who follow the flow of presenting the evidences throughout the trial, does not have any political aspirations past-2013, or simply hate the current President Noynoy Aquino.

Realistically speaking according to my analysis when I watched the trial on TV, some of the senators like Chiz Escudero, Juan Ponce Enrile, Gringo Honasan, Manny Villar, or Jinggoy Estrada could have been voted for Chief Justice’s acquittal if not for their future political aspirations this coming 2013 elections. I think also that these 5 senators voted for conviction for simply pragmatic purposes of bolstering their political survival not just by themselves but by their heirs in political arena and also to avoid public backlash in a short-run.

The conclusion of the impeachment trial of Renato Corona is not the end of the history of systematic corruption and impunity of our country as the present administration have to address the root cause of that systematic corruption and impunity in the government workplace by revising the flawed and bureaucratic-prone 1987 constitution.

By reducing the capability of the government of indirectly stealing money of the public like high tax rates, massive red tape, massive bureaucracy, massive government intervention in economic decision making of the people, politician and elite’s encroachment in judicial decision making, and electoral fraud, for sure our country would have an economic and political renaissance and the people would be totally free from political intervention in a long-run.