The world is still alive

Mayan Calendar. (

Mayan Calendar. (

Today, 21 December, the world has been trolled by the fears of some people that the world would end today as the 5,125-year-long cycle of the Mayan calendar ends today. Those who do not have a background on Mayan civilization have been fooled by some doomsayers that the world ended today but in reality, the 5,125-year-long cycle of the Mayan calender just ends today and the another cycle (the 14) has started today that will end on 26 March 2407. Even the Mayans does not buy the notion of the doomsayers that the world would end today but instead, they simply keep their respective lives going on as usual.

It has not been the first time in my life that I have been bombarded with the end of the world doomsday predictions like in 1999-2000 New Year’s eve, where I remembered even my fragile mind that the world would end on the first of January 2000, where any computer systems that cannot read the year 2000 and beyond would have debugged, but it did not happen. On the 6 of June 2006, when I was approaching the secondary education that time, the same end of the world doomsday had never been realized.

Likely the world will not end for now as the survival not just in our human civilization, but also our universe depends of the ability to expand to accommodate the increasing number of stars and galaxies in our universe until at such point where it will crunch and eventually, the black hole which will signal the absolute end of our universe that we are living right now.

Misguided criticism on latest Bayo ad

Jasmine Curtis-Smith portraying as a 50% Australian and 50% Filipino with this Bayo ads. The critics on thinks that there’s a pure Filipino race are simply wrong on their criticisms.

This week, the well-known clothing line Bayo releases their latest ad campaign portraying what is the usual standard of beauty in Filipino’s point of view.

They portrayed some celebrities as their models who happened almost of them of having an ancestry other than Filipino like for example, Jasmine Curtis-Smith, a half English Australian and Surigaonon Filipino. This ads gain much criticism especially from some intellectuals who fixated themselves that there is a really a “100% Filipino race” which in reality says otherwise.

I can say that their criticisms on the ads on the basis that Bayo prefers celebrities with mixed-lineage as be their product model is a simply wrong because it is the Bayo’s right to choose and pay the celebrities to act as their product model in order to gain more consumers to buy their products and also hiring celebrities with mixed-lineage aside from Filipino to be usual as the show business industry tends to prefer mixed-lineage people in order to gain more audience from the general public.

We have to accept the reality that the Philippines’ existence as a country is a product of thousands of years of constant migration of people from all over parts of the world starting from Andamanese migration (the descendants of the minority Aeta people) up to the recent Han Chinese and Korean migration to our country. That racial and cultural mixing formulates our Filipino identity and that multicultural nature of our culture shall be going to be appreciated by all of us, Filipinos.

This racial issue not just right now but also long before is something that we should have a guts of tolerance to engage not just the issue but also with dealing the people who are subject to that racial scrutiny. We must going to realize not just as a Filipino but also as a human being that racial purity literally speaking makes non-sense as for the millions of years that the human species is existing, we inevitably to mix other people with different racial and cultural backgrounds and that mixing our racial and cultural background is necessary for a human species to evolve and survive for the next million years. Our civilization as we know it would never going to flourish if we had never undergo an interaction with other races and cultures.