Too much emotion, too less reason among Filipinos

Smiling Filipino child.

According to the latest poll done by the United States-based research firm, Gallup, the Philippines is one of the most emotional countries in world compared with other 152 countries surveyed by the Gallup from 2009 to 2011. According to the survey, Filipinos were most likely admit feeling both positive or negative emotions, while other countries especially Singapore, were least to do so.

Looking with the results of the latest survey done by Gallup, it only shows that our society has been embedded with emotions especially in decision-making at all aspects in life whether political, economic, and social. Our culture tends to reward people who can give emotions so certain things of life while penalizing those who use reason and practicality in resolving problems on whether a individual problem or social problem.

It also shows the correlation between the tropical climate region where both the Philippines and Singapore located with opposite aspects on emotions and reason does not really in case as for many years, Singapore had developed their investment climate friendly for all investors from around the world and then gained enough capital from foreign investments to spend for developing their educational system that promotes logic and reason, while us did not develop as we cling to our empty emotions against foreign capital and investments that could improve our educational system.

The lesson with the survey was that we need to balance our emotions with reasons especially in decision-making in our daily lives and especially in the decision-making in our government like economic, political, and social ones in order for us to achieve a better development for our country. Our leaders should not be swayed with the emotions of the majority people without empirical evidence to support their emotions rather our leaders should make their policies based on reason and practicality.

The ordinary people should also realize that reason ought to be prevailed at all decision-making rather than emotion especially in comes of a romantic relationship for example. Our society should reward people who use reason, practicality, and critical thinking over those people who think only emotions without using reason in achieving goals of life.