This commie hippie Thomas van Beersum must be deported

If I were present during their protest, I would have to throw him with glass jar and expose his communist sympathies.

If I were present during their protest, I would have to throw him with glass jar and expose his communist sympathies.

This morning when I opened my Facebook account after more than 24 hours of resting, I was bombarded with postings and comments from my friends about this viral photo of this Dutch communist hippie Thomas van Beersum berating an ordinary policeman named PO1 Joselito Sevilla.

This man from Netherlands was undiplomatic enough by saying “You are the ones that are hurting us! You started this conflict! Why are you doing this?” to PO1 Sevilla.

And yet this same person justified his actions through his Facebook account and encouraging the policeman to join their cause in next year’s State of the Nation Address or SONA.

You are wrong, Mr. Thomas van Beersum. The ideology you are fighting for has been shunned by the rest of the world including China, who adopted capitalist free-market system. You are naive enough to say that coercive collectivism like communism is the answer of our economic, political, and social shortcomings. I think you need to open your eyes that the world you are living with is imperfect and total equality of outcome that your bankrupt cause has been fighting for many years. You didn’t even search when you were in Netherlands that your benefactor, Jose Maria Sison, fled to your country to escape criminal liabilities that he has been doing for many years like killing one of my distant relatives, former NPA commander Rolly Kintanar.

Mr. Thomas van Beersum, you have to realize that Filipino people will not going to tolerate anyone who wants to overthrow a corrupt democratic government and replace it with more corrupt and genocidal communist government, no wonder Jose Maria Sison and his cohorts in the mountains and in the Congress, failed to convince the silent conservative majority Filipinos to support your bankrupt cause, let alone of taking over the government. The ideology that you are fighting for to be imposed in our country has claimed several lives not just in the Philippines, but also in Cambodia, China, Cuba, Eastern Europe, Laos, North Korea, Russia, and Vietnam, no wonder many of these countries already abhorred that ideology or if not, they had to change their economic strategies to the extent similar to free market capitalism than to central planning communism. Fighting for an utopian communism is like fighting for a dystopian Nazism.

Our law way back the Commonwealth days states that like you who is not a Filipino citizen, cannot interfere in our internal political affairs like joining protest march with the end-goal of overthrowing our flawed democratic government and replacing it with more corrupt and repressive communist government run by few Politburos. Violating of that provision will result to your deportation. You should have well-versed enough not just to our laws, but also to our political, economic, and cultural attitudes of our compatriots who fortunately, never share your cause.

If I were you, you have to leave the country to save your face or else, a proper authority like the Bureau of Immigration will deport you and never return to the Philippines.

Jose Maria "Joma" Sison (left), founder of the Communist Party of the Philippines with Thomas van Beersum (right). This photo is a proof that he is associated to that criminal commie who should have been deported and tried for his offenses he committed for many years of fighting to have communist rule in the Philippines. (SOURCE: Van Beersum's FB account)

Jose Maria “Joma” Sison (left), founder of the Communist Party of the Philippines with Thomas van Beersum (right). This photo is a proof that he is associated to that criminal commie who should have been deported and tried for his offenses he committed for many years of fighting to have communist rule in the Philippines. (SOURCE: Van Beersum’s FB account)


Ways to maintain our independence as a nation in the future

Happy 115th independence day, Philippines.

Happy 115th independence day, Philippines.

Today is the 115th anniversary of the independence of our country from 333 year rule of the Spaniards. 115 years ago, Emilio Aguinaldo waved the our flag for the first time in his residence balcony in Kawit, Cavite. The independence declaration was made possible because the Spanish rule in our country was crumbling due to American’s intrusion at the Manila Bay and a decade-long insurrection by the Filipinos to  overthrow the Spanish rule. However, Emilio Aguinaldo’s declaration of independence was not recognized by either Spaniards nor by the Americans as when the United States handily defeated Spain, the Spanish government decided to cede Philippines, Guam, and Puerto Rico into American control with $20 million (1898 price) payment by the US to Spain after 333 years of Spanish rule in the Philippine archipelago. Filipinos tried to kick the Americans out of the country in the early 20th century, but they never succeeded it because of American’s’ superiority on warfare and the cholera outbreak that killed lots of Filipino civilians as much as the casualties at the battlefield. The Americans controlled our country for almost 50 years, with the exception of 3-year Japanese occupation during WWII, and granted our independence on 4 July 1946.

However for the past 66 years, we have not achieved the real vision of our founding fathers to have our citizens a sense of independence like well-off life for example. Many of our compatriots thinking that we would have been a lot better right now had the Americans never granted us a political independence, but for me, that is wrong because from the start, Americans did not want to rule our country and they only colonized our country to serve as a platform for American business interests to have a trade with our larger neighbor, China. Many of our compatriots have left the country and prefer to be servants of American, Chinese, European, Japanese, or other employers because our government due to our rotten constitution, does not give an opportunity for businesses especially foreign to generate jobs for our compatriots in the remote areas. Our government for the past 66 years have failed us of fulfilling their empty promises during election campaign periods and swindle our tax money paid for them to supposedly spend for social services.

For the recent years, our neighboring countries like China, Taiwan ROC, and Malaysia have threatening our sovereignty while we Filipinos cannot properly think on how to counter them because of our inferior economy and lots of our compatriots are working with those countries. Our political and economic systems enshrined in our 1987 constitution are inadequate to address these external threats. Our shallow sense of knee-jerk national pride does not help either.

A month ago, I posted on my Facebook account and forum my suggestion to maintain our independence as a nation in the future like reserving the economic model we have right now from exporting our workers to importing foreign MNCs with 100% control of their investments across economic sectors and flooding our country with African, American, Chinese,  European, Indian, Japanese, Korean immigrants to strengthen and diversify our country’s culture. While the first suggestion was acceptable, the second one was intriguing for most commenters on my FB account and especially the suggestion of mine of flooding our country with Chinese immigrants where some of them branded me as “racist” or so on.  Diversifying our culture and demographics are the most essential way for our country to adopt and survive with this global cultural, economic, and perhaps, political integrations. I want to have skilled immigrants from around the world to develop our country’s economy that current Austronesian Filipinos cannot fulfill at most.

I have come to think with that because it will be impossible for our country to defeat China, Taiwan, and Malaysia if we agitate for a war which no one will win but more casualties.  Defeating them especially China will be futile if we never understand their culture because their civilization has existed for more than 5000 years and it will not demoralize them if our demographics are mostly Austronesian, but rather it will motive them to harass our national sovereignty. I believe the only way to defeat China is not fighting them with our firearms but aping their culture to be like them because China will only stop threatening our national sovereignty if our culture and demographics are at least similar to them.

Waving three scums and murderers in a May Day rally

Kilusang Mayo Uno (KMU) protesters waving posters with photos of Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin, and Mao Zedong.

Kilusang Mayo Uno (KMU) demonstrators waving posters with photos of Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin, and Mao Zedong.

When I arrived home from my summer class, I saw a photo above on my Facebook newsfeed shared one of my mutual friends where demonstrators of Kilusang Mayo Uno were waving the posters with photos of Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin, and Mao Zedong. I am not impressed in their fanaticism with these people especially with Lenin, Stalin, and Mao because these personalities were one of the responsible of all ills of the 20th century in the name of total equality, Communism, and responsible for 100+ million deaths in less than 100 years, probably surpassed the total casualties of WWI and WWII.

The premise for absolute equality of Communism does not make sense because everyone of us has different interest to pursue in life with different result. We cannot simply stole the money of a productive person to empower a lazy person in a violent manner, this is wrong. Freedom does not equate quality of outcome and to equate it is a plain slavery. Freedom comes and flourishes from and within yourself, not from coercion by other individual. Therefore, communism failed in Russia, Eastern Europe, and China because their leaders were not capable to live with the proletarians, but they rather want to live more than bourgeoisie. Proletarians want to prosper in their lives without a coercion from their leaders in the Politburo.

Capitalism, although not perfect, assures well-being for millions around the world and gives freedom for us to choose which goods and services ought to use for our daily lives. Capitalism rewards those who excels in respective fields of live like Bill Gates who started from nothing to become one of the richest persons on Earth through innovation and marketing his patented computer software products of Microsoft. Persons like him would not excel under communism. If not for the creative destruction of capitalism, we won’t have to live on what we have right now and these commies cannot buy or use computers or tarpaulins to print the photos of their idols. Even Karl Marx realized when he was still living that communism is impossible without passing the stage of capitalism in which most Filipino commies cannot grasp.

My advice to them: work, save money, then start your own business even in a small one like selling barbeques in streets or selling school supplies to help the children to continue studies to succeed someday.

Why Obama won re-election

Breakdown of electoral votes where Obama and Romney won by state

It has been four days after the incumbent President Barack Obama won an another four-year term as the President of the United States over Mitt Romney. I was not surprised that Obama won with 332 electoral votes over Mitt Romney, who got 206 electoral votes. However, in terms of popular votes, it was a close race between them as Obama barely got half of 61,907,639 or 50.5% while Mitt Romney got the another half of  58,648,640 or 49.5%. but the closeness of the popular votes does not matter in the discussion as the selection for the next president will be decided by the Electoral College composed of 538 electors chosen by their respective states.

Many said that Obama won despite a lousy economic recovery was due to Mitt Romney’s pandering the sentiments of the old white electorates like hardline stand on immigration, same-sex marriages, marijuana legalization, dealing with China and the Middle East, and corporate welfare which for me was true as the electoral base of Mitt Romney had been declining even before the election and still had to win support from the largest Republican voter, the white Evangelical electorates from the Southeastern part of the United States. It would had been impossible to get the Republican presidential nomination for Mitt Romney if he did not pander the voting sentiments of the white Evangelical electorates as Mitt Romney during the Republican presidential nominee was more moderate and winnable than his rivals like Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, Rick Perry, Herman Cain, Michelle Bachmann, and Ron Paul.

Mitt Romney could have won the election had he moderate his immigration stance like supporting the DREAM Act in order to gain a chunk of Hispanic electorates but instead, he lost miserably the votes of the Hispanics to Barack Obama. Romney’s flip flopping stance didn’t help him either.

The increasing Millennial (born between the 1980s up to present), Hispanic, Asian, and of course monolithic African American electorates was the source of electoral victory for Barack Obama last Tuesday. Barack Obama was able to consolidate the sentiments of emerging electorate like reforming the immigration laws through the DREAM Act, legalizing the same-sex marriages by state legislation, legalizing the usage of marijuana by state legislation, increased social spending, and withdrawal of US armed troops from Iraq and Afghanistan.

In order for the Republican Party to be competitive with the changing demographics of the United States, they should moderate the social stance like the issue of legalizing same-sex marriages, legalizing marijuana, legalizing abortion, increased spending on stem-cell research, and moderate immigration policy especially to the Hispanics. The Republican Party should realize their foreign policy platform of American Exceptionalism cannot work in an increasing multipolar and more globally integrated world like their hardline stand on Iran, China, Cuba, or many other countries that they perceived as the America’s enemy. The Republican Party should also return to their economic conservatism roots like reduced government spending on military, subsidizing failing corporations, and subsidizing big farm interests.



2012 United States presidential elections

Mitt Romney and Barack Obama

Today is the presidential election in the United States where the American electorates will decide on who should be the President of the United States beyond 20 January 2013. The main candidates are the incumbent President Barack Obama and his challenger, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney.

The United States presidential election is one of the most watched elections in the world as the decisions of the American electorate does not only affects the lives of the American people but also the lives of the world as the United States maintains its economic, military, political, and cultural influences around the globe. Choosing who is the next president of the United States should be responsible and capable in dealing not just the domestic affairs of the United States but also its interests around the globe.

The main issue this election is about the economic state of the United States where for the past four years, still fighting the effects of the 2007-09 Subprime financial crisis as the real estate boom pooped due to the loans that the American debtors cannot pay on time. The burst of the real estate boom in the United States lowered the confidence to the American financial system on which by 2008, it became a full-blown recession as the Lehman Brothers, one of the leading American investment banks then, declared bankruptcy. The severe recession in 2008 brought Barack Obama to the presidency in the same year and had to deal not just the effects of the Subprime financial crisis but also the foreign policy blunders of the George W. Bush administration in Iraq and Afghanistan that drained the America’s finances as Bush cut the tax rates among the upper-class people while increased the spending on military.

Obama’s presidency for me does not meet my expectations, four years ago as he merely continued the heavy spending spree by the government not just in military but also in social entitlement programs like the food stamps and his watered down medical care system (Obamacare) which will be expected to drain the America’s finance beyond 2014. Obama’s spending spree has reduced the economic competitiveness of the United States compared with the rest of the world where the Standard and Poor had to reduce the credit rating of the United States by a notch as Obama and the Republican-controlled Congress cannot agreed on paying the debt obligations of the United States until the last moment in August 2011 just to avoid default that would have been a disaster to the world’s economy.

Obama has committed foreign policy blunders like trying to contain the China’s economic rise, costing the live of an American ambassador in Libya, angering the Israelite for somewhat, angering the Iranians further, and many others.

However, Mitt Romney for me will continue the Obama’s blunders in domestic and foreign affairs as he postulated his platforms pretty similar or maybe worse than Obama. In conclusion, I have no reason to support both of them as the Americans and the world will be the losers in the end unless there will be a sensible and pragmatic president of the United States to come in the future.

11th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks and its long-term effects


World Trade Center fuming after it was dropped by two hijacked commercial airplanes by the members of the Al-Qaeda.

Today is the 11th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks at the World Trade Center twin towers in Manhattan, New York and at a field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. These three successive suicide attacks with the first two at the World Trade Center and the last one at the Shanksville, Pennsylvania caused millions of dollars of damages and thousands of casualties.

The 9/11 attacks was also the start of the 21st century as the events before the attacks was the continuation of the unrivaled peace and prosperity of the United States for almost ten years after the collapse of the Soviet Union. The economic, political effects and the American’s reaction of the 9/11 was the triggering reason for the War of Terrorism initiated by the United States and its allies like the United Kingdom and Australia to curb the spread of Islamic extremism through Al-Qaeda as a result of faulty American foreign policies regarding in Middle East, way back the Arab-Jewish partition of Palestine.

A month after the 9/11 attacks, the United States and its allies including the Philippines attacked Afghanistan in order to hunt Bin Ladin, the principal perpetrator of the 9/11 attacks and to dismantle the Al-Qaeda movement, Islamic extremist movement founded by Osama Bin Ladin.

At first, the Coalition Forces led by the United States succeeded in overthrowing the Taliban-led government in Afghanistan, the principal allies of the Al-Qaeda movement fighting the Coalition Forces. However, it did not bring an everlasting peace in Afghanistan until this moment as the newly-installed democratic government with the help of the Coalition Forces have to fight the militias sympathizing the causes of Taliban and the Al-Qaeda.

The goal of the Coalition Forces to capture Osama Bin Ladin had been failed as Osama managed to escape to Pakistan and had to hide in a safety compound near the capital of Pakistan, Islamabad. He was killed later by the US soldiers on 2 May 2011.

The second major war by the United States and its allies like United Kingdom, Australia, Poland, and Spain attacked Iraq led by Saddam Hussein with the objective of destroying the alleged weapons of mass destruction possession by Iraq which was later found out that there was not.

Second objective was to overthrow Saddam Hussein from power as he was allegedly collaborated with the Al-Qaeda to attack the US during the 9/11. The US and its allies fulfilled their mission as Saddam was overthrown from power, months after the start of the Iraq War due to decreasing support from Iraqis and continuous attacks by the US and UK forces. Saddam hid after his deposition in a compound in Iraq and captured in December 2003. He was tried before the court conducted by the Iraqi Interim Government and was executed by hanging for his crimes committed against the humanity.

The same as in Afghanistan, the deposition of Saddam Hussein from power did not bring everlasting peace in Iraq as ethno, political, and religious factions from the sectors of Iraqi society fought for control of the whole Iraq vacated after Saddam’s deposition.

The reactions after the 9/11 attacks by Al-Qaeda created more deaths than what happened during the 9/11 itself as the US and its allied countries had to spend money, waste soldier and civilian lives just to eradicate the Islamic extremism, indirectly created by the faults of the US, half centuries back.

The 9/11 attacks ended the US monopoly in cultural, economic, and political supremacy as the competing countries like China, and Russia used the 9/11 events to consolidate their respective strengths while the US was suffering from cultural, economic, and political downturns as a result of the 9/11 attacks.

The 9/11 attacks proved that the United States was not an indivisible country as they thought. It was proved also that the United States should not be forceful on spreading their cultural, economic, and political aspects in other countries especially Iraq and Afghanistan.

The United States should learn on how to work with harmonious diplomacy in these globalizing world where almost all cultures not just Americans spreads widely that conflicts are inevitable and be solved only with cooperation and diplomacy. In order for the United States to maintain its superpower status in a long-run, they should realize that they have to learn the sensibilities of other cultures while spreading their cultural, economic, and political aspects to them. 

We should remember that a more prosperous, peaceful, and open-minded United States leads into a more more prosperous, peaceful, and open-minded world.



Philippine economy grows 6.4% from 1st quarter 2011 and why it is unsustainable

Philippines’ GDP grew 6.4% in the first quarter of 2012 over the same quarter of 2011. Is it sustainable or not?

Last Thursday, the NSCB or the National Statistical and Coordination Board releases the data of the state of the Philippine economy during the previous quarter of this year. The Philippines’ GDP expanded 6.4% in the first quarter of 2012 over the same quarter of 2011. With this rate of growth in previous quarter, the Philippines has the second fastest growth in Asia after China.

For many years, the Philippine economy is a laggard compared with fast-growing East and Southeast Asian countries like China, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia because of economic and political volatility. It is just only in the recent years that the Philippines is somewhat catching-up the economic growth of our neighboring countries as some of them are becoming economically mature or developed which tends to slow the rate of economic growth compared to us who just starting to catching-up.

The economic rate of growth of the Philippines tends to be erratic even now as the government tends to intervene in the economic cycle especially during the election year that occurs every three years like spending the government’s budget for infrastructure projects that sometimes unnecessary for a certain areas, social spending to feed the urban low-class families in order to lure votes by the politicians for elections, and protecting some business interest from foreign competition at the expense of the welfare of the consumers.

That government-driven growth being postulated by the government for many years influenced by the ideas of John Maynard Keynes, a British economist who proposes that the government should stimulate the economy by increasing the money supply to circulate in the economy at the expense of long-term pain of excess inflation that would slap the consumers and the private enterprises needs to lessen and the government should make a favorable environment for a private enterprise and consumers to prosper and lead the economy in a long-run like dismantling monopolies, lowering tax rates, curbing red tape, scrapping the constitutional restrictions against foreign participation in the economy, flexible labor laws, market-based wage adjustments, and free flow of capital.

By restructuring the economic fundamentals of our country, the real prosperity would be feel by the majority eventually and the government needs to reform NOW not LATER.