Manny Pacquiao is wrong about same-sex marriage

Last night, after taking dinner and surf on the net via Facebook, my newsfeed pooped up with a video with Manny Pacquiao being interviewed by the TV5 and asked whether he is for same-sex marriage or not. He said that it is “common sense” that a male should have romantic or sexual relations with a female and vice versa for humans and then he elicited that same-sex relations for humans are worse than animals. Netizens are divided with the his sentiments based on comments posted under the comment section of the FB video using religious and scientific grounds.

Obviously, he doesn’t know the history that human homosexuality and same-sex marriage have had predated Christianity because of our human affection to attach with someone else regardless of his gender and if he and everyone carefully history, homosexuality and same-sex marriages had already been present in ancient civilizations in Egypt, Mesopotamia, Greece, China, or even in Mesoamerica. In regard to same-sex marriage, it was already recorded in Ancient Egypt history that Khnumhotep and Niankhkhnum, two royal servants during the Fifth Dynasty of the pharaohs around 2400 BCE, became couples despite of having already families respectively and when both of them died, they were buried together and their tomb was discovered in 1964. The most famous same-sex marriage in the ancient times happened during Roman Empire era where one of the infamous emperors, Nero, married a freedman named Pythagoras in a public ceremony. Homosexuality and same-sex marriages had been frowned upon for almost 2000 years because of global predominance of Abrahamic regions particularly Christianity and Islam and have only gained their modern acceptances in the 20th century due to the emergence of the concept of equality and affirmative action.

Also, he doesn’t know the fact about animal science or zoology that homosexuality is not uncommon within the animal kingdom because animal hormones are designed to make sex with whosoever they meet and since they are not sapiens unlike humans, they are not clouded with any certain moral norms and could do sex with their fellows freely. The argument about animal sexuality was cited by the American Psychiatric Association and other groups to argue for the removal of remaining sodomy laws in the United States in 2003 over the landmark case of Lawrence v. Texas which paved way for legalization of sex-same marriage in Massachusetts, a year later, and eventual legalization throughout the United States in 2015  over the landmark case of Obergefell v. Hodges.

I understand his religious and social beliefs, but expressing those in public especially this election campaign season would get an ire or ridicule from citizens who have understood the imperfections of current marriage laws which have been based from certain misinterpreted verses of the bible. I think we need to reassess our judgments or sentiments regarding this issue because we tend to think irrational if we discuss issues that affect our moral and religious beliefs because social irrationally hinders long-term development of our culture and society in general through repressing beliefs of someone which are considered “heretic” by the society.

I rather have him lose the upcoming elections and stick with his basketball coaching career and preaching Christian doctrines as minister in order to save the country from further ridicule and degeneration of our current rotten political system because if he wins as senator, his presidency would be inevitable given the fact that most electorates, unless there are systematic political reforms, elect candidates who are already well known for years instead of electing someone who is capable and qualified for certain elected posts. His future presidency would be disaster because of his erratic decision-making tendencies during the height of his boxing career and have persisted throughout his current political career and I don’t see him to correct his tendencies not because of him per se but his political and religious advisers who are expected to be part of hypothetical Pacquiao’s presidency in 2022 or 2028.

The world is still alive

Mayan Calendar. (

Mayan Calendar. (

Today, 21 December, the world has been trolled by the fears of some people that the world would end today as the 5,125-year-long cycle of the Mayan calendar ends today. Those who do not have a background on Mayan civilization have been fooled by some doomsayers that the world ended today but in reality, the 5,125-year-long cycle of the Mayan calender just ends today and the another cycle (the 14) has started today that will end on 26 March 2407. Even the Mayans does not buy the notion of the doomsayers that the world would end today but instead, they simply keep their respective lives going on as usual.

It has not been the first time in my life that I have been bombarded with the end of the world doomsday predictions like in 1999-2000 New Year’s eve, where I remembered even my fragile mind that the world would end on the first of January 2000, where any computer systems that cannot read the year 2000 and beyond would have debugged, but it did not happen. On the 6 of June 2006, when I was approaching the secondary education that time, the same end of the world doomsday had never been realized.

Likely the world will not end for now as the survival not just in our human civilization, but also our universe depends of the ability to expand to accommodate the increasing number of stars and galaxies in our universe until at such point where it will crunch and eventually, the black hole which will signal the absolute end of our universe that we are living right now.