About myself

Hi everyone, my name is Joseph Solis Alcayde Alberici, a political scientist and I’m maintaining this blogsite of mine because this is my easiest way to share my thoughts online. Since I was seven years old when president Joseph Estrada had to resign due to EDSA II revolution, I started to become interested on several political issues like poverty, corruption, insurgency, political economy, and many others and as a result, I took Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, Major in Political Theory and Systems at the University of San Carlos in Cebu City which I graduated last October 24, 2015. My political interest doesn’t limit only to the Philippines because I’m also interested with politics in Latin America particularly Argentina and Mexico and in fact in the future, I’ll be spearheading online advocacies for changing the economic and political systems of Argentina and Mexico. Aside with politics, I’m also interested with sports like Basketball and Boxing and followed the history of my favorite NBA team, the Los Angeles Lakers and the history of several boxers like Manny Pacquiao, Juan Manuel Marquez, Floyd Mayweather, and others. I also have interests on space exploration particularly the future human colonization of the Moon and Mars and asteroid mining.

My political advocacies for the Philippines are the following:

  • Allow 100% foreign equity ownership of businesses and private lands.
  • Decentralize the national government for eventual federalization.
  • Shift to parliamentary system from current presidential ones.
  • Make Spanish once again as one of the official language.
  • Reinstate divorce.
  • Legalize same-sex marriage.
  • Legalize all kinds of illicit drugs.
  • Legalize prostitution.
  • Open our borders to all immigrants and workers particularly from China, India, Latin America, Southern Europe, and the United States.

My political advocacies for Argentina are the following:

  • Remove all remnants of Peronism like strong labor unions.
  • Prohibit the federal and provincial governments to have budget deficits except recessions.
  • Shift from presidential to parliamentary, federal or provincial one.
  • Populate Patagonia through allowing Asian immigration from China, India, and the Philippines.
  • Transfer the federal capital from the City of Buenos Aires to Viedma.
  • Eradicate villas miserias across Argentina and encourage socialized condo-type housing.
  • Encourage building skyscrapers all over the City of Buenos Aires to become a global city like New York and London.
  • Invest on defense particularly the Navy and the Air Force to project power towards Malvinas.
  • Argentine government should demand British counterpart for a shared sovereignty over Malvinas and Antarctica.
  • Economically integrate with Latin American Pacific countries and the rest of the world through joining the Trans Pacific Partnership, FTA with the European Union, and Organisation of Economic Co-operation and Development.

My political advocacies for Mexico are the following:

  • Remove remnants of foreign investment restrictions particularly in agriculture, forestry, and owning private lands within 50 km from the seashore and 100 km from American, Belizean, and Guatemalan borders.
  • Shift from presidential to parliamentary form of government.
  • Federalize further like allowing states to collect royalties from mining and hydrocarbon explorations and extractions.
  • Legalize all kinds of illicit drugs.
  • Remove all kinds of restrictions against naturalized citizens and foreigners.
  • Invest more on renewables and nuclear power.
  • Develop a massive railway system through bullet trains connecting all major cities of Mexico.
  • Integrate further with the United States and Canada through removing all kinds of restrictions on movement of people across borders.
  • Make English as second official language.
  • Allow massive Asian immigration particularly from China, India, and the Philippines.

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