Shame on you, Vice Ganda; Sorry Jessica Soho and rape victims

Jessica Soho and Vice Ganda.

Jessica Soho and Vice Ganda. Courtesy of

Earlier afternoon while I was attending the mass requiem of my great aunt, I checked my Facebook account on my phone at the middle of the mass and I saw my friend of mine commenting about Vice Ganda. I didn’t bother it at all then as I didn’t want to have my grief be distracted by someone’s foolishness that has become widespread online.

After I arrived home from the burial of my great aunt, I immediately opened my Facebook account, then I saw Vice Ganda’s foolishness of joking Jessica Soho’s weight and the rape victims.

There were many reactions on Facebook or Twitter, mostly negative, and I myself was pissed off of what Vice Ganda did to Jessica Soho and the rape victims. I searched the YouTube video during the latest concert of Vice Ganda last week and I confirmed that Vice Ganda’s jokes were not funny.

Vice Ganda joked Jessica Soho’s weight by saying whenever she would step in a weighing scale, the machine would complain repeatedly, “One at a time, one at a time.” He repeated it thrice which gave Jessica Soho’s attention today. He added that should there be a launching movie for Soho, it will be titled “Tinimbang Ka Ngunit Sobra.”

After that, Vice Ganda joked Jessica that if she were to be raped, it should be done by a “gang”, which made his joke disguising not only to Jessica but also to every rape victims who have not moved on from their traumatic experience. He added that the rapists would say: “Ipasok ang lechon!” OMG, Vice Ganda thought Jessica Soho, a respected journalist, is as good as sex toys.

Vice Ganda, whether you admit it or not, what you did to Jessica Soho and every rape victims of poking them were tasteless and not only that, instead of making them happy, you have further hurt their feelings and let your ego to inflate just to laugh your audience during your concert at Araneta Coliseum. You should have also consider that not all audience were adults but minor children also who cannot fully grasp the world’s imperfections yet like rape. You should be thankful, Vice Ganda, that you were not a rape victim otherwise, it would have been hypocritical to joke rape victims. It’s fine to joke something or to someone else but make sure that you have to consider inner feelings of someone you are joking or the audience too.

With this, I would like to give my deepest sympathies to Jessica Soho, internationally-awarded journalist and every rape victims of the world.


3 thoughts on “Shame on you, Vice Ganda; Sorry Jessica Soho and rape victims

  1. wow….nice blog wish this to be spread so dumb fucks who worships this fuck ass faggot would realize how dumb and insulting his jokes are…

  2. No one is perfect.. but what u did to Miss Soho was very disrespectful. Not only to her but to all gang rape victims.. What do u think of yourself Mr Vice? Need public apology…

  3. Less talk less mistake…it should be understood literally by v.ganda before uterring words…

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