Shame on you, butthurt “makabayan” Filipinos

Butthurt letter by the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority condemning Dan Brown's description of Manila as "Gates of Hell"

Butthurt letter by the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority condemning Dan Brown’s description of Manila as “Gates of Hell”.

This week, the latest newly-released Dan Brown’s book “Inferno” has gained mixed reactions all across the Philippine cyberspace as the book starts to be circulated all over the country. The same author who wrote “Da Vinci Code”, ten years ago, described in his book that Manila, the capital of the Philippines, as the “Gates of Hell”.

Of course, butthurts have already been expected as many Filipinos, despite of bitching government’s ineptness like MMDA’s handling with Metro Manila, will dearly defend the Philippines especially the capital city of Manila, no matter how untidy it is as we unfortunately hate criticisms from outsiders in our weaknesses as we think foreigners complaining our country are like they are “invading our national territory”, OMG butthurt “makabayan” Filipinos. You cannot even understand metaphor, how much more thinking a solution to Manila’s woes.

As much as I am not a fan of Dan Brown as he was just a pseudo-historian who argued that Jesus Christ had a wife that was Mary Magdalene and had a child in his best-selling “Da Vinci Code”, but I agree with him that Manila is somehow a “Gates of Hell”.

“Gates of Hell” in the sense that the Philippines is a “hell” in the heart of Asia where economic, political, cultural, and social systems sucks and people are eager to get out of “hell” through working in highly economically developed countries like US, Singapore, Japan, Saudi Arabia, and many others while those who opt to stay the country have suffer perpetual economic perdition where millions cannot even ate, three times a day while politicians during the eve of the election day were always promising voters from the “masa” sector in urban areas in Manila and other major cities a broken promises of economic prosperity then buying these voters with random amount of money to vote for them but after they won, they already screwed these voters through enriching themselves to fund for the next election.

Manila itself really sucks in terms of cleanliness as the Manila Bay area is full of wastes brought by massive overpopulation, squatters anywhere in Manila, floods during rainy seasons, chaotic traffic systems, polluted air, unbridled prostitution, and the worse, Manila City has elected a convicted plunderer but pardoned person (Joseph Estrada) to lead Manila for the next three years after defeating inept incumbent mayor, Alfredo Lim.

This should be a wake-up call for all Filipinos to accept criticism especially from outsiders on what is wrong with our country, so that they would impress our beauty of our country, hospitable people and pristine tourist attractions. These criticisms will continue unless we swallow our shallow national pride of praising everything “Pinoy” regardless of defects. To butthurt “makabayan” Filipinos, SHAME ON YOU.


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  1. Dear Chairman Tolention:
    Would you refute clearly the unfavorable description of Metro Manila as “the gateway to hell” by Mr. Dan Brown in his newly published book entitled “Inferno”? As a Filipino I am dishearten by degrading remarks about Manila by foreigners but even Filipinos say so.
    You mentioned in your letter to Mr. Brown that Manila is “the center of Filipino spirit, faith and hope”. Yes, politicians use the church by attending a mass near Malacanan Palace even though they are parishioners in their own locality just to show their unity in denouncing the sitting President at that time. Manilans voted an ousted President who was convicted of plundering instead of re-electing the Mayor who had done so much improvement and better services to the people. Can you cite Chairman Tolentino of any day in Metro Manila without report of any crime? What spirit, faith and hope are you talking about Manila? You cited “the citizens of Manila are more than capable exemplifying good character and compassion toward each other.” That is true during calamities and that is true also in other countries. How many Manilans are attending to the welfare of the starving and homeless citizens? Maybe there are during election period. But do these self-proclaimed champions of the masses visible after election? What is your basis in telling Mr. Brown that Manila is an ‘entry to heaven?
    Maybe some citizens of Manila are at par with the people of upscale cities in the world in term of wanton display of wealth. But they are not into community service. Their percentage in the total population of Manila is less than 1%. Those below poverty line are everywhere except at the enclave of exclusive subdivisions.
    Though Mr. Brown has not seen Manila and he could have based his opinion from news and interaction with those who had been here it is lamentable his idea of Manila being gate to hell could hardly be disproven.

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