Tips on how to vote tomorrow

It has been less than 12 hours before we have to vote for our candidates, whom they deserved our votes. It is very important for any registered voters to know the right procedures on how to vote. Here are my tips:

First, I recommend every voters to list their candidates wanted to be voted by tomorrow. It’s good to have your list written in any paper of yours so that you won’t have a difficulty of choosing your candidates to be voted for.

Second, every voters as much as possible, should bring valid identification cards so that, the Board of Election Inspectors can able to verify your identity listed on the electoral rolls.

Third, every voters should go to their respective polling sites, 2 hours before the time where voting starts that will be at 7 AM (Philippine Time), so that you can vote early in your respective polling precinct.

Fourth, once you were in your respective polling precinct, present your identification cards to the BEI and once they verify your identity, they will give you the ballot and the marker pen to be used to vote your deserving candidates.

Fifth, in every section of the ballot, You have to mark the oval only once, depends on given elected position like for senator where you can vote as much as you want as long as it never exceeds 12, for provincial board member where you have to vote not more than twice, or for municipal or city councilors where you have to vote not more than 8 for municipal or 10 for city.  If you overvote in a particular elected position, the PCOS machine will not count your vote.

Sixth, do not make unnecessary marks as the PCOS machine will not going to read your votes and swallow your ballot away, thus your vote never counts.

Seventh, once you’re done voting, approach the PCOS or Precinct Counting Operating Machine and make sure that you inserted it properly.

Eighth, place your right forefinger nail with an indelible ink to show that you have voted already and take pride that you exercised your right and moral responsibility.

Ninth, leave the precinct immediately so that you would not be a disturbance to those who haven’t voted yet. Monitor unnecessary commotions within your polling site.

Tenth, monitor who’s winning on television, radio, internet or even going to counting center of your respective city or municipality.

I hope my tips will guide or help you on how to vote tomorrow to ensure an orderly elections, thus a better path of our country.