R.I.P Margaret Thatcher

Margaret Thatcher (13 October 1925 - 8 April 2013)

Margaret Thatcher (13 October 1925 – 8 April 2013)

It has been four days after Margaret Thatcher died at the age of 87 after she suffered a stroke. I have decided to write this article today as her death is a big blow not just among the British people that she served for 11 years, but also to the world where during her  premiership, the political tide had turned into a better and peaceful as her economic policies became an inspiration to defeat the evil ideology of her time, communism.

Margaret Hilda Roberts Thatcher was an exceptional person who rose across the social rank from merely the daughter of a grocer to a prime minister of one of the great nations, United Kingdom. She defied the odds of her time that a woman prime minister will be impossible in her lifetime when in 1975, the Conservative Party named her as their leader which made her premiership possible, four years later as Great Britain suffered a terminal economic decline due to the excess of the postwar Liberal Consensus instituted by Clement Attlee.

Her premiership was a difficult one especially during the first three years as structural economic reforms instituted by her like cutting excess social spending that made her doomed to be defeated by 1983 until an event in faraway Falkland Islands, controlled by the United Kingdom and resided entirely by British, was invaded by Argentina which had a long-standing claim with the islands. British forces was able to repulse Argentine invaders back to Argentina and the victory provided a lease of life for Margaret Thatcher’s premiership where she won for another two elections before she stood down in 1990.

His economic reforms like downsizing the coal industry in Northern England, liberalization of the City of London, and imposition of Poll Tax had created enormous discontent from those who were affected and in fact, they never forgive her even the moment she died. Her economic policies brought Britain to be competitive with the rest of Europe instead of turning it into a third world cesspool that her critics wanted to describe her economic policies. Her strength of confronting the obstacles of her economic reforms became an inspiration especially in Eastern Europe to implement her economic policies in their respective countries that made them economically prosperous by now compared when the Soviet Union was in charge.

Her death should be a time for mourning, whether you agreed her policies or not. It is a sad thing that in British itself, lot of its citizens are celebrating her death without realizing that once a upon a time, she led their country. They should not grunge their anger to Mrs. Thatcher alone as her economic policies were bound to happen had she never became the prime minister. Celebrating her death is tasteless and their celebration has become a precedent to do such thing if your enemy dies someday and it is a contrast of what the world is expecting to a British, a classy one.

I would like to give my most sincere condolences to Margaret Thatcher’s family and to the people of Great Britain.


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  1. I saw her story in the Movie The Iron Lady. Great Movie. Rest In Peace.

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