Merry Christmas everyone

Merry Christmas everyone.

Merry Christmas everyone.

Today, we are celebrating the one of the most significant day of the year that is Christmas. Christmas has been celebrated for more than two thousand years after Jesus was born in Nazareth in a tavern (Nevertheless, the significance of Jesus’ birth is the most important not the exact date, month, or year when Jesus was born). The life of Jesus became the centerpiece not just only for the Christians but also who know Jesus’ life only never believe that he is the messiah. For the past thousands of years, the celebration of Christmas has evolved to conform the culture and needs of a specific country, like here in the Philippines where we celebrate Christmas longer than elsewhere.

The celebration of Christmas should focus not only on enjoying the fruits of consumerism like buying new stuffs for your own consumption or giving to someone whom we know but also we should not forget that the essence of Christmas should be centered on remembering value of forgiveness to someone whom we argued for a year or past as knowing how to forgive would give us a lesser burden on our mind every time we face the battles of an unfair life. Celebrating Christmas should be a reminder among the leaders not just in our country but also elsewhere that caring the needs of the people should be above all over their own personal interests in order to achieve a peaceful, orderly, and well-off world. Celebrating Christmas should be a reminder also to everyone that everything in life can be achieved if we never strive to get it of what we want as everyone of us has different achievement, capability, instinct , and resource that everyone should know to deal with.

For the celebration of this Christmas 2012, I would like to say that peace and prosperity should come among us not only for today’s Christmas day but also in our daily lives.