Surprise Christmas gift to Cebu Governor Gwendolyn Garcia

Gwendolyn Garcia (middle) speaking before her supporters. (

Gwendolyn Garcia (middle) speaking before her supporters. (

Before we celebrate the Christmas tomorrow, I have to tackle this issue about the preventive suspension of Cebu Governor Gwendolyn Garcia for the next six months by the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) last 20 December.

Gwendolyn Garcia has been suspended for the next six months by the DILG in accordance to an administrative case filed by the deceased Cebu Vice Governor, Gregorio Sanchez. The complain stated that Gwendolyn Garcia abused her authority by 1) encroaching on the appointing authority of the complainant over employees of the Office of the Vice-Governor, 2) slashing the budget of the Office of the Vice-Governor by 61%, 3) stopping the publication of the Legislative Gavel and non-payment of the honoraria of the publication staff, 4) transferring the funding of the Legislative Research and Codification Project from the Office of the Vice Governor to the Office of the Governor, 5) hiring consultants without prior authority from the Sangguniang Panlalawigan, 6) withholding the overtime pay of the personnel of the Office of the Vice Governor, and, 7) issuing a check worth P10,000,000.00 without prior authority from the SP. (Click here for the full text of the suspension)

The suspension order was signed late July of this year by the deceased DILG Secretary Jessie Robredo, however the enforcement was only realized last Wednesday for unknown reasons which I suspected that the suspension order had to be delayed until December, so that Gwendolyn Garcia could not use the financial resources of the Cebu Provincial Government to propel her younger brother, Pablo John to the governorship this coming election in May and to give the Liberal Party-backed candidate, Hilario Davide III an advantage over Pablo John Garcia.

The governor post was taken over by Agnes Magpale, the vice governor and candidate for the same position with Hilario Davide as her governor this coming election. When the suspension order was enforced, Gwendolyn Garcia refused to abide the suspension order and have to stay herself in the governor’s office until this moment of writing this blog entry. Gwendolyn Garcia had to mobilize her supporters from all over the Cebu Province with my estimation of over hundreds of supporters attending the vigil in support for her last Wednesday. On the other hand, acting Cebu Governor, Agnes Magpale has been staying at the Legislative Complex behind the main building of the Cebu Provincial Capitol until this moment and able to perform her duties as acting governor like shutting the Sugbo TV off the air.

As a registered voter of Cebu Province, in order to assure the rule of law, I think it would be preferable for Gwendolyn Garcia to flee the Cebu Provincial Capitol and let Agnes Magpale to perform her duties as acting governor, so that the services that the Cebu Province have provided to the constituents including me, not be compromised. Whether it was unjust for the part of Gwendolyn Garcia, she need to abide the suspension order, so that other elected officials who might be suspended in the future, not easily defy the order from the top just to avoid facing the charges in proper courts. This is my wish for Gwendolyn Garcia for Christmas.


7 thoughts on “Surprise Christmas gift to Cebu Governor Gwendolyn Garcia

  1. These are abnormal times which call for bold and unequivocal response to the unlawful acts of those in power. It is not right that Gwen honors such an abuse of authority by the people in Malacanang. She should assert her rights and those of the Cebuanos. The delivery of public services will not go unhampered because it appears that the provincial government is able to function despite the madness of the newly appointed governor. Gwen should fight this slap on her face with principle and that is to raise the profile of this illegal act politically. She is doing the right thing. She should not dignify the abuse of power by those uncaring hacienderos in Malacanang. I disagree with your opinion. There is no longer rule of law in the country. A tit for tat is called for. Hopefully, the people of Cebu will rise and start people to pressure the hacienderos to rescind their illegal imposition of a penalty which only satisfies their hunger for power.

  2. This blog is written by a hepa sympathizer, obviously.

    • Damn you. Gwen Garcia ought to follow the suspension order for the meanwhile unless there would be a TRO.

      • The fate of Gov. Gwen is similar to the fate of Corona.
        All pambabastos were applied using MEDIA.. and then… SALN lang pala…
        Both are victims of a demolition job by a Dictator
        Gwen has still the option to avail administrative remedy
        by asking the court to intervene on the legality of the suspension…
        This country is democratic…
        Where the actions of the President is validated by the judiciary before FINALITY
        If President Aquino forces the suspension without judiciary, then he is a DICTATOR
        If President Aquino is fully equipped with legal remedies, he should have used the police to enforce the law…..
        Therefore the assumption of Magpale is illegal because police power is NOT APPLICABLE

      • The lady Governor is popularly known an arrogant person, how will you expect then for her to be humble and follow legal orders…why is she making simple things difficult? If she is really clean, then, just answer the charges, SIMPLE?

  3. hahaha karma na bai sa mga kulto na yellow sa Malakanyang, mibalik ra sa ila ang ilang binuhatan! Rule of Law sa ilang mata?!

  4. They said…the late Pres Marcos has several accomplishments and yet he has several illgotten wealth recovered by the government in the amount of no less than 4 billion u.s. dollars…Likewise, Gov Garcia has several accomplishments too. If she is really clean, why will she not allow this govt to open up her office records to check whether or not the charges against her are true…not to mention cases in the building of the CCC, the issue about the selling of a land covered with water worth milloions, and more pending cases for subsequent filling of charges in the approriate offices. What is she afraid of? why will she defy legal orders, because of so many lies in the guise of TRUTH again? Her acts are simple sabotage in the making, with all due respect, matagal na ang mga cases na iyan kaya lang na delayed by the past Pres GMA.

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