The world is still alive

Mayan Calendar. (

Mayan Calendar. (

Today, 21 December, the world has been trolled by the fears of some people that the world would end today as the 5,125-year-long cycle of the Mayan calendar ends today. Those who do not have a background on Mayan civilization have been fooled by some doomsayers that the world ended today but in reality, the 5,125-year-long cycle of the Mayan calender just ends today and the another cycle (the 14) has started today that will end on 26 March 2407. Even the Mayans does not buy the notion of the doomsayers that the world would end today but instead, they simply keep their respective lives going on as usual.

It has not been the first time in my life that I have been bombarded with the end of the world doomsday predictions like in 1999-2000 New Year’s eve, where I remembered even my fragile mind that the world would end on the first of January 2000, where any computer systems that cannot read the year 2000 and beyond would have debugged, but it did not happen. On the 6 of June 2006, when I was approaching the secondary education that time, the same end of the world doomsday had never been realized.

Likely the world will not end for now as the survival not just in our human civilization, but also our universe depends of the ability to expand to accommodate the increasing number of stars and galaxies in our universe until at such point where it will crunch and eventually, the black hole which will signal the absolute end of our universe that we are living right now.