Manny Pacquiao lost

Juan Manuel Marquez punched Manny Pacquiao's right chin that brought the latter to a humiliating defeat.

Juan Manuel Marquez punched Manny Pacquiao’s right chin that brought the latter into a humiliating defeat.

After eight years of frustration, Juan Manuel Marquez was able to defeat Manny Pacquiao through a counter (a lucky punch if you ask the others) right punch into Pacquiao’s right chin that brought the surprise defeat of Manny Pacquiao.

After losing the previous two and drawing one in three fights, the bigger and stronger Marquez prevailed this time.

I did not expect that Juan Manuel Marquez could able to knock Manny Pacquiao out from the right side as the fight progressed, Pacquiao was able to counter some powerful punches of Marquez during the third and fourth rounds that brought the former of being knocked down during at the middle of the third round.

That fight before the end of the sixth round was similar with other three wherein there were no convincing victory for both sides and could have been repeated with that fight had Marquez never released his powerful right punch into Pacquiao’s right chin. I was projecting with a draw before the powerful punch by Marquez because both sides were able to exchange punches to each other as Marquez experienced bleeding in his face while Pacquiao as the fight progressed by, was starting to lose coordination and strength as the result of series of counter punches by Marquez.

That fight won through accuracy by Juan Manuel Marquez of finding the loopholes of Manny Pacquiao like weak defense beyond the latter’s face as Marquez found timely execution of his powerful punch into Pacquiao’s right chin. Manny Pacquiao could have continued the fight until the end and maybe won had he maintain his coordination and strength that he regained during the fifth round.

After that fight, I realized that it is the time for Manny Pacquiao to throw his towels in order to preserve his legacy in boxing and focus in other fields where he could flourish like preaching.

4 thoughts on “Manny Pacquiao lost

  1. amen!

  2. awesome.

  3. “in other fields where he could flourish like preaching.”

    Are you serious? It would be better if he dropped that preaching crap altogether and focus on something else. Maybe even train harder for boxing. A legend like him comes only once in a blue moon. And he can’t let distractions hinder him from achieving his maximum potential

  4. Yes… manny was a confused person.. a conflict whether boxing or hurting people is allowed by God.. whether continuing to believe the Holy Rosary Sign of the Cross were somehow attrbuted to his success.. now here comes the Pastors supposedly sent by God to give light to him Manny..
    when i saw mommy dionesia holding the rosary and praying before the statue of Mother Mary some commented overacting si mommy… Now the defeat was attributed to less prayer thru rosary and Mama Mary…
    The shift to relion somehow affected hi focuss motivation and physchological stability…

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