#AMALAYER, my analysis

Last Tuesday, another confrontation incident happened at the LRT Santolan station between an on-duty security guard and a student from La Consolacion College named Paula Jamie Salvosa as the security guard told Salvosa that she entered the LRT station in the exit side (wrong way). Unfortunately for Salvosa, her confrontation with the security guard was taken through video then uploaded on Facebook and Youtube by a certain Gregory Paulo Llamoso RN on which it gained millions of viewers and negative reactions especially to Salvosa, the one who confronted the security guard for her mistakes of passing the exit area.

I think that we blame Salvosa too much as her actions (not the way she shouted the security guard) are inevitable at times as we commuters tend to be in hurry just to come up with your appointments on time but it does not mean that I sympathized with her actions as she should have not raised her voice to confront the security guard but she should have kept her tantrum in explaining on why she passed the exit line instead the entrance line. I cannot blame the security guard as she did her duties on maintaining the order of the MRT Santolan station.

The most of the blame should go to a certain Gregory Paulo Llamoso RN as he uploaded the video without knowing that it could damage Salvosa’s future through taking the video then upload it on Facebook and Youtube. That man should have been a conscious and analytical enough that Salvosa’s actions are typical for a commuter who cannot bear the entrance and exit system in a public transport terminal but instead, when the confrontation was ongoing, he took a video and uploaded it that caused the millions of netizens to throw their anger to Salvosa with statements that were derogatory. As a result of the incident, Salvosa was advised by her school, La Consolacion College not to attend classes to avoid further humiliation and as a result, her personality and reputation was tarnished forever without a possibility of redemption for her in the future.

The lesson of that incident was that we need to keep our temper from exploding that could cause your destruction of reputation in front of many people especially if there is someone taking a video then uploading it on the internet and to the persons who want to take videos during incidents like what happened at the LRT Santolan station should be careful and conscious enough that he/she cannot destroys person’s reputation who may have a potential for redemption.

ERRATUM: She was not expelled rather, she was advised by her school not to attend classes to avoid further humiliation. Apologies.


8 thoughts on “#AMALAYER, my analysis

  1. I am sure that Ms. Salvosa is a frequent traveller sa LRT (just like myself) therefore she knew very well where the exit and the entrance is! There are always rules and guidelines to follow in any establishment, and if we are “educated” enough then we should follow them to the letter no exception!

    • “I am sure that Ms. Salvosa is a frequent traveller sa LRT (just like myself) therefore she knew very well where the exit and the entrance is!”

      And how exactly are you sure of this? Do you see her everyday during your travels? Do you know her personally? If you are merely making presumptions, then do not present them as facts because they are not facts unless you can prove your claims incontrovertibly. This is the kind of thinking that has blown this whole thing out of proportion.

  2. Kawawa naman c Gregory ha ha ha nasisi pa bandang huli!

  3. bakit ba sinisisi ngayon ang nag-upload? may makukunan ba ng video kung walang mga tao na ang babaho ng ugali tulad ni AMALAYER? dapat ang sabihin natin ay kung may ugali kang ganyan, wag mong i-display on public para hindi ka pag-usapan on public….

    • LOL. Get off your high horse. I highly doubt that you’ll be saying the same thing if you were in Paula’s position and your moment of weakness gets immortalized and presented before the rest of the world.

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