Asshole Robert Blair Carabuena


I supposed not to write a blog tonight due to my continuing mid-term exams but I forced to write this because of barbaric attitude of a certain Robert Blair Carabuena who mauled a MMDA traffic enforcer, Saturnino Fabros, last 11 August as Carabuena turned his car with wrong direction and the MMDA traffic enforcer Fabros was calling Carabuena’s attention.

According to the information that was obtained before he deleted his social network accounts, he is a graduate of Ateneo de Manila University. He currently works as a recruitment executive at tobacco company Philip Morris.

What Carabuena did to a poor MMDA traffic enforcer was not only wrong but also a barbaric for a professional person like him. He should have used his f*cking brain to wait his turn but instead he used his prestige to maul an ordinary and financially poor MMDA traffic enforcer, Saturnino Fabros.

This scene like what Carabuena did was not unusual as most Filipino motorists cannot keep their sense of patience and humility when there is a traffic jam in a particular road which is rampant all over the country due to flawed public transportation system and over reliance on automobile among middle class Filipinos.

It was happened that Carabuena caught through a camera that gave him a lot of attention from netcitizens like me who expressed their disgust of that certain asshole and barbaric Robert Blair Carabuena. What happened to Carabuena should be a lesson not just for the motorists but also to all of us that we have to keep our virtue of humility and patience of achieving something else you want in like.

By the way, your Spanish surname does not even deserve on you as first of all, your face does not even look good but an ugly for me. Your surname should be CULO or CARABAO.

See the video here:


17 thoughts on “Asshole Robert Blair Carabuena

  1. This bully should be terminated from Phillip Morris. He is the face of PhillipMorris because he is an executive. Phillip Morris press release is sooooooo FILIPINO. Phillip Morris said that they cannot terminate him because he did it in his own time not company time. REALLY ? TRY THAT IN THE STATES IF IT WORKS !!!!! Carabuena sullied the name of Mr. Phillip Morris. Well, everyone in the Philippines are Filipinos so what do I expect? Except, stupidity and idiocy.

  2. Why in the heck they’d file a charge against him? They should carted him off to jail, book him and file a charge of direct assault of an officer in uniform. !!!!! STUPID FILIPINOS !!!!

    • @Renato, eh, sino ka ba, ha? Hindi ka ba filipino? Kung makapag salita ka dyan sa mga filipino, kala mo kung sino kang matangos ang ilong! You are so like that bully pig Carabuena!

      • Sir, you have to define a Filipino. What defines a Filipino? A Filipino cannot be defined by geographic birth or by looks. A Filipino can only be defined by character. A Filipino is corrupt. Irresponsibly fanatically religious. Stupid. Idiot. Dumb. Illogically aggressive.

  3. …. WHY IS THIS CARABUENA out and about ? Did he post bail ? Or, he was let go because he is Chinese. Afraid the Scarborough flotilla of chinese frigates ? What is wrong with Filipino laws anyways ?

  4. I work in the States, even our after office hour behaviour is subjected to scrutiny. Remember those Secret Service that took in prostitutes when Obama went to Colombia? They had sex with prostitutes in their own time and just the same they were terminated.

    Who are these Phillip Morris executives? Must be foreign-educated ivy-school graduate Filipinos. Looks like wherever the Filipinos go to study when they come back here they do not learn a thing.

    No wonder Manny Pacuiao, Nora Aunor, Mrs. Lapid, children of Gen Garcia and those TNT Filiipnos in America prefer white American lawyer over Berkeley-law-graduate Filipinos.

  5. you’re a BIG asshole men!


  7. This asshole Carabaona should be put behind bars because he is a menace to society. If he can do it to an authority of the law like that poor MMDA traffic enforcer how much more to an ordinary citizen like us?

  8. Philip Morris can kill you, so as the Carabaonas…. Nicotine can damage your brain too…

  9. Pangit na, yabang pa, bastos pa. Atenista? Shame to Ateneo, Philip Morris. Siguro hindi Pilipino. Pera ka lang.

    • What does his look got to do with his action ? What does his school got to do with his action ?

  10. grabeee sya,,hnd sya tao ok,,akala mo kng sino sya,,dapat yan bigyan ng leksyon,,mukha mo pa lang pangit ng pag-uugali mo,,palibhasa pangit ka,kaya ugali mo PANGIT din,,im really TURN-OFF sa mga taong katulad mo,,

  11. Hindi na ako bibili ng Phillip Morris products dahil kay Carabuena-baboy.

  12. Carabuena is an assh0le!

    He should be fired by PMI. Revoked his license. And make public apology.

    Itsura pa lang kakabwiset na! Mukhang mayabang. Dapat yan maghirap.

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