Noynoy Aquino lambasts Noli de Castro

Last Friday during the 25th anniversary celebration of the long-run newscast program, TV Patrol of ABS-CBN at the Fiesta Pavilion in Manila Hotel, President Benigno Aquino III lambasted the TV Patrol news anchor and former Vice President, Noli de Castro although he never mentioned the name of news anchor directly but it was pretty obvious that he meant it to news anchor.

During his speech as a guest of honor during that event, he lambasted on what he considered the negative criticisms regarding on his governance as a president even on positive news stories. While I agree that the Philippine media really sucks in delivering news to the audience but what the President did last Friday of lambasting Noli de Castro indirectly was really disgusting and never really showed his classiness as a statesman but instead he turned himself like a block-timer commentator or an uneducated person. If the President wanted to criticize against something, he should not do it by directing his criticisms to a persons concerned directly but instead, as a statesman, he should know on when and where he will criticize to someone else.

In a democratic country like us especially for a person like the President, it is natural to meet criticisms from various sectors in our society like from media in order for the President and the government to address what some people asked and formulate a better policy as a result from criticisms. Criticisms are essential for our society to thrive especially the positive ones however not all criticisms are good for us like personal or negative criticism.


7 thoughts on “Noynoy Aquino lambasts Noli de Castro

  1. the president is becoming like one of those newscasters who (some of them though) does not know which news are most likely to report >.<

  2. Aquino is getting the dose of his own medicine. Do you remember what they did to damage the image of the previous administration? Same thing will happen to him and I even doubt if he can finish his term.

  3. resign because you are a lazy president..a do nothing president!

  4. He is really not a statesman nor a gentleman. Being criticized at is always a part of private and public life; one cannot please everybody. In public life, criticism is just one form of getting the people’s (his alleged bosses) message across. If the president refuses to listen to the problems of our country, then how will he be able to know them and fix them?

    He is a guest in that occasion and has a nerve to be disrespectful to his hosts. During his heydays as an opposition leader, he is very good in maligning the previous administration. And now that he is already on the pulpit, he refuses to swallow a dose of his own bitter medicine? The people, and not the media, will be his true messengers to the country and to the world, once they are already reaping the alleged progress that he has been bragging about (if there are any). I think it is high time for him to focus on his mandated job instead of wasting his time on waiting for “good news”.

  5. wahahahaha! nakatikim si Ka Noli dine! Buti nga! Ang galing kasi mag-comment buti sana kung ang galing nya nun VP pa sya…

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