Why Mahathir Mohamad is right

Mahathir Mohamad, former Prime Minister of Malaysia speaking before the audience at the University of Santo Tomas, Manila.

Last Monday, a day before the Independence Day celebration, the former Prime Minister of Malaysia, Mahathir Mohamad spoke before the audience during a lecture at the University of Santo Tomas where he conferred as honorary professor.

One on his thoughts on our Philippine democracy is that we applied it literally without concerning the other sides of our basic socio-economic problems of this country.

He said there are instances when democratic freedom is being abused.

“When people think only of the freedoms of democracy and know nothing of the implied responsibilities, democracy will not bring the goodness that it promises. Instead it will result only in instability and instability will not permit development to take place and the people to enjoy the benefits of freedom and the rights that democracy promises,” Mahathir said, clarifying that he is not against democracy.

What he said that when people thinks freedom of democracy without knowing the responsibilities without bringing goodness on it is very right especially in this situation in our country. Most Filipino people thinks that even simple harsh rules is equivalent to dictatorship which that thinking is wrong. Achieving economic, political, and social development shall not be chaotic but should be done in orderly manner that never compromises a specific group for the benefit of an another specific group.

Mahathir reminded his Filipinos audience that one pitfall of unbridled democracy is a poor leadership. “The leader in particular must be incorruptible. His being so will lessen the level of corruption among those under him. There will still be corruption but the degree would be less…In every country there are great people who should lead, but seeing the filth in politics ad the fears of those who come into power they are unwilling to take the risk. And so very often the leaders are mediocre people at best, present company accepted.”

What he said is very realistic because we cannot get rid of corruption in our country not because it’s systematic but because our nature as a human being that we are born to be greedy and have our own self-interest however it does not mean that you have to steal other people’s works for your own benefit but instead if you want to have what he/she have, you should to strive to get what you want in a clean manner.

Mahathir later on added, “We cannot assume majority of the people must be intelligent. In many instances, majority is not intelligent and minority refuses to be Involved because they think politics is dirty. If you don’t manage democracy well it is not going to pay dividends.“

That’s absolutely right that the majority is not always the right and in fact, the majority commits the wrong ideas over the minority side because of imperfections on their thought. In order to have economic, political and social policies to be formulated and then implemented in general, we should going to listen both sides on the ideas on whether, it is practical or not. By fulfilling the consensus-based governance, the government can able to implement it’s policies with general approval from common people and anything has flaws, it could be corrected easily.