Why Bradley’s victory over Pacquiao was a sham

Timothy Bradley just won the fight in order for the promoter, Bob Arum to enrich himself more in a hypothetical rematch between them.

Yesterday, a surprise decision came out during the Manny Pacquiao-Timothy Bradley’s fight in favor to the latter. That decision came out when two out of three judges gives their favor to Timothy Bradley with the score of 115-113 and the other judge gives with the same score for Manny Pacquiao.

The decision was controversial for right reasons as the fight shows, it was really Manny Pacquiao who dominates the 2/3 of the fight and releases more punches to Bradley over Bradley did to Pacquiao. The fight reaches to 12 rounds as Timothy Bradley shows his defensive strength of this game and bothers Manny Pacquiao many times at the last part of the fight however during the early part, Timothy Bradley cannot penetrate himself and nearly knock outed by Manny Pacquiao at the third round and had to hug himself with Manny at the middle of the ring to cushion himself from imminent defeat.

Manny Pacquiao cannot able to release his combination of punches to Bradley or able to knock out him directly because of his declining athletic and punching speed that was the prime strength of Manny for past years as a boxer due to reduced time for practice for other non-boxing commitments such as being a representative of his province at the House of Representatives, show businesses commitments, and last of all the lists was that he turned himself to be more firm of his Christian beliefs by acting practically like a minister of a Protestant Church.

That factors really affected the way Manny fighting at the ring not just this recent fight but also to other previous fights. That personal changes of Manny Pacquiao really affects the perception by his boxing fans here in the Philippines but also to the boxing community in the United States where the fight was held.

However, in spite of Pacquiao’s lapses, he gave a good fight not just to Bradley but also to his fans by showing that he is still the Pacman as we know it even though his speed and quickness were significantly reduced. He also showed his humility in front of his fans that in spite of being defeated in a shammy way, he gladly accepts the judges decision for a mean while.

What I, boxing fans and analysts, and ordinary audience cannot accept was the way the judges on deciding the game of disregarding the spirit and fairness of the game for financial purposes of the promoter of that fight in the person of Bob Arum of Top Rank promotions. That judges’ decision was purportedly done in order to appease what the promoter wanted that is to use Manny Pacquiao and the pay-per-view viewer as a source of income of his promotion company through rigging the results of the fight. We have to know that boxing matches were mostly about financial purposes as gaining more viewers means more money not just to the boxers but also to the promoters of a fight and more boxing matches means more money to circulate.

This kind of rigging the boxing matches for purely financial purposes must be stopped in order to preserve the spirit and integrate of the sport of boxing and also not to lose the remaining boxing fans who some of them get disgruntled of some boxing matches.


3 thoughts on “Why Bradley’s victory over Pacquiao was a sham

  1. The decision of the 3 blind judge is disgusting. We better get new judges.

  2. Self-confidence. Manny knew already in the first two rounds that he was far superior than Bradley that he thought toying Bradley will do no harm. Even Bradley was surprised when he was declared winner in a majority or split decision.

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