CJ Renato Corona’s rebuttal before the impeachment court


Renato Corona testify as a witness before the Impeachment Court.

Last Tuesday, the impeached Chief Justice Renato Corona testify himself as a witness before the Impeachment Court. His testimony or rebuttal takes more than a hour to clear his name from falsified accusations being stoned to him by the prosecution. He states on his testimony that the administration of Noynoy Aquino uses their available resources to put down him. He states that we must not believe that this Impeachment Court is against corruption because of being somewhat tolerant of the prosecution’s fraudulent ways of presenting the evidences.

He states also that his impeachment is based mostly in hatred and vengeance by a single person (he refers to the President Noynoy Aquino). He condemned on what he considered as partisan politics as this administration tends to in favor to their close friends and benefactors during last election season in terms of making appointments in certain government positions.

Also in a part on his testimony, the Chief Justice condemned a certain senator who naked him in front to the public. He condemned his critics on being a suspicious of his wealth that being generated for many years as a practicing private lawyer before he entered in the government in late 90s and states that his wealth was gained through hard works. He states also that his life is rather simple and doesn’t have a maid in their house.

He condemned the prosecution team of butchering the Constitution to destroy his life and his family like presenting a forged and fabricated evidences or using black propaganda before the media.

He also states that the Supreme Court’s decision to redistribute the Hacienda Luisita last November was the reason of his impeachment (confirms my suspicion that his impeachment was because of that decision) as the timing of his impeachment coincides the HL’s decision.

He also states the irrelevant Basa-Guidote properties also nothing to do with him and never invested it contrary on what the prosecutors and the Basa family states.

He also condemned that the alleged 45 properties named to him as a fraud. He states that he only owns 5 properties named to him. He states also that he has no properties abroad contrary to what a journalist says and considered her as a liar.

He also condemned that he has 82 bank accounts with the total worth of $12 million as a fraud also. He states that he has only 4 bank accounts named to him and only amounted to $2.4 million. He also condemned the AMLC report presented by Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales as an unauthenticated and consider her testimony as a misinterpretation.

He also signed a wavier to open his dollar account to the senator-judges with a condition that the 188 representatives and a senator will sign it first to open their dollar account to the public.

Before the cross-examination by the defense to CJ, he suddenly left the witness stand therefore the Session Hall of the Senate as he cannot take the stress of more than a hour to refute the case of the prosecution and suffered a low blood pressure or hypoglycemia. Many critics considers as a “walk-out” but that was not the case as CJ Renato Corona returns to the Session Hall with a wheelchair and states through his defense lawyer, Serafin Cuevas to return to testify by Friday which the CJ did.

Well, his testimonies confirms on what my suspicions the cause of his impeachment that is to maintain the ownership of the Hacienda Luisita by the accuser, the Cojuangco family through Noynoy Aquino. I also believe that the evidences stoned to him by the prosecution are just baseless, unrealistic, and fabricated just to vilify the Chief Justice because he was just an appointee of the previous administration.  I also believe that those to accused him maliciously of owning a 82 dollar accounts to sign the waiver and show their dollar accounts to the public to be fair. I believe also that the entire impeachment trial is railroaded by this administration in order to achieve what they wanted, the total control of all branches of the government.

In the end of the day, the Rule of Law shall prevail in the verdict this coming Tuesday by the Senator-Judges not their respective political survival this coming 2013 and 2016 elections. If they abide with their political survival, our country would be going to the path of the dicatatorship.