Lady Gaga’s concert wanted suppressed by some bigoted Christians


I not a fan of Lady Gaga’s songs but what some “Christian” zealots wanted to suppress her is outrageous.

As of this writing, a concert of Lady Gaga, the most popular pop star of generation and known for her provocative style, is currently held at the SM Mall of Asia in Pasay not just only today but also tomorrow May 22.

The concert of Lady Gaga creates mix reaction from her fans and also from her critics especially from the conservative factions of Christianity in the Philippines. According to her fans, Lady Gaga shows her talent on how she provoke the minds of her fans like her albums “The Fame“, ” The Fame Monster“, “Born This Way” and others. According to her critics, Lady Gaga’s performance and her songs shows how she mock the Christianity like acting her as a Mary Magdalene on her song entitled “Judas” and also of her frequent usage of vulgar words which is unacceptable to the younger audience and especially to conservative audience.

Although I’m not really a fan of Lady Gaga but what these bigoted some “Christian” zealots wanted to stop her to perform her concert is outrageous because at the first place, they’re hypocrites on their own words as they tend to judge her songs according to its initial appearance not the entire message of the song. I think these people needs to awake themselves that this generation have different perspectives on what morality is and forcing anyone to impose your personal morality standards is disgusting and prevents anyone to think critically on what they express or they like certain views.

Therefore, there’s no enough reason to stop her concert and let the audience themselves to decide individually on whether her songs is good or bad not by forcing her fans to boycott the concert nor forcing the performer to cancel her appearance in front to her fans.


One thought on “Lady Gaga’s concert wanted suppressed by some bigoted Christians

  1. This could’ve been a great article, but it was too short. You mentioned an “in the first place” which made me expect a “second”. But I’ll add something.

    I’m also not a fan of lady gaga. But I think that these “religious” people are way too crazy. I for one, am a Catholic, and yet why do I not react the same way? I believe that this is how Lady gaga presents herself “Artistically”. This is her way of being creative and expressing her art. I am an art student, so I feel insulted with all these claims that she’s “the servant of a devil” shizznit. Puh-Lease! I, as an animator/illustrator, express myself in a very weird way. I like being colourful, creative and all that stuff. And I am allowed to express my art. Why the hell can’t she? Isn’t music art too? In art (painting, drawing…) there are many styles like modern, retro, traditional, digital, weird, expressionist and all the other stuff. Doesn’t music also have this? It’s her style so they should just shut up and deal with it.

    Second, where the hell did the so-called “Filipino hospitality” go? Why are they so rude? If they go to another country as these so called Christians, and that country has another faith, would they enjoy being bashed by other people? NO. Who would? That’s just harsh. I wouldn’t want to go to UAE and be criticized for being Catholic now would I? Filipino’s are so twisted. I know I’m Filipino, but sorry, I am also British and that is not how we do it over the other side.

    I know the issue has already passed but I just wanted to point something that’s been on my mind. I hope you don’t mind. I also hope it would be a great addition in case someone else finds your blog 🙂

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