A delusional claim that Anastasia Romanov escapes to the Philippines


Anastasia Romanov during her youth years. I think these delusional claims about Anastasia’s survivability after 1918 must be stopped once and for all as scientific evidences shows the clear picture that she was executed by the Bolsheviks.

Last Sunday morning, I was stunned when I read the online portal of the Philippine Daily Inquirer states that a certain Caty Petersen is claiming herself that her grandmother is the late Anastasia Romanov, the youngest daughter of former Nicolas III of Russia. At the time when the Romanov Family was executed in 1918 by the emerging Bolsheviks, who later ruled Russia for the next 73 years, Anastasia presence was subject to suspicion on whether she was survived and escaped or not.

A few years after the Romanov Family was executed, a certain person (most notorious case) named Anna Anderson claims to herself that she was the Anastasia Romanov who escaped from Bolshevik’s raid and fled to the United States (many Russian [includes the Jews] who supported the Romanov Family or just opposed the Bolsheviks escapes to the United States). Her case drew to much attention not just from the American people but also from the German aristocracy (that Anna Anderson really originated and the Romanov Family was closely related with the German monarch through marriage). After for many years, the German courts ruled that she was not the Anastasia and the DNA test confirms that after her’s death in 1984.

That claims of Anatasia’s survival doesn’t finish there as in 1963 a certain person named Eugenia Smith claimed to her autograph entitled Autobiography of HIH Anastasia Nicholaevna of Russiathat she was the Anastasia Romanov similar to Anna Anderson’s claim. Like Anna Anderson, she was also an immigrant from Eastern Europe who escaped from the horror of World War I. She gained a much of followers to her claim as she stated that she was born in Saint Petersburg, the then capital of Russia in 1901 although real and reliable records says that she was born in Bukovina, which was under then Austria-Hungary and now divided between Ukraine and Romania. Her claims caught attention to one of the genuine relative of Anastasia in the person of Prince Rostislav Romanov, first cousin of Anastasia. As she knew that her claims, was false ones, she tried to distance herself from her earlier claims of Imperial origins. When she died in 1997, many newspapers published her obituary using Anastasia’s birth-date, or stated that she had been born in St. Petersburg which in reality was not.

In 2008, after 90 years of mystery, Russian scientists confirms through DNA testing that the remains they recovered was the remains of Anastasia Romanov and it was proved once and for all that Anastasia was executed together with her family by the Bolsheviks.

Last Sunday, when I read that news through the online portal of the Philippine Daily Inquirer the claims of a certain Caty Petersen that her grandmother was Anastasia Romanov, she stated that her grandmother escaped to the Philippines when she was 18 in 1918 then her grandmother, the alleged Anastasia Romanov according to her was brought to a monastery or orphanage somewhere in Manila and stayed with the nuns until her grandmother met a certain wealthy spinster named Lope Pelayo, her grandfather. According to her, her grandmother refuse to marry her grandfather until his grandfather was in the deathbed in 1964 and her grandmother decides to marry him and a family friend in the person of former Mayor of Manila, Antonio Villegas, intervened and informed her that none of her children would inherit anything if she did not marry him.

I believe that her story is one of the handful of claims about Anastasia’s survival post-1918 that was really debunked in 2008 and my advise to Caty Petersen to stop her delusional claims that her grandmother was Anastasia Romanov and I think this story would not going to gain an attention to the genuine relatives of Anastasia that includes the British, Spanish, Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish royal families.

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  1. Well, I would like to start off with the statement that the Russian investigating team did NOT use DNA analysis through their validations of the remains of the Romanov family but through Skeletal Comparison with the Royal family’s photos which have the most update takings before they were executed. They used a computer to overlap the skull’s scanned structure with these said personal photos which are carefully angled to match the facial structure of the person at hand.

    According to several sources, the American investigating team interfered and check whether or not Anastasia is truly amongst the family members which were massacred. To them, they believe that it wasn’t Anastasia who was amongst the remains but Maria, her older sister. Both teams had conflicting ideas, Russians believing in theirs and vice versa. So, I guess this still is an open debate to be discussed about. Well, in my point of view, that is. With all due respect, I don’t want any ruckus to arise.

    By the way, all of this information is based on books and documentaries published not earlier than 2009.

  2. It is very easy to verify this now through dna testing. The story is outrageous enough to be plausible.

  3. help Caty trace the roots of her grandmother
    she deserves help

  4. No, the case is not close yet. And the Grandma is not claiming she’s Anastasia, her granddaughter is simply trying to trace her grandmama’s roots. If the Anastasia-link is one of it, there’s no harm in exploring that, right? The difference between Grandmama Tasia and other women who claimed they were Anastasia is that she tried her best to hide her true identity (whatever that is). Because if Anastasia did survive, I know that she will try her best to hide.

  5. I wonder why you’re so closed minded about this article? I agree with Tin on this one. Grandmama Tasia didn’t say she was Anastasia. And Caty didn’t say anything like “My grandma is the absolute genuine Anastasia.” She was merely trying to look for her grandmother’s relatives so she’d know something about her. And yes, Grandma Tasia hid her identity. Why was she on hiding it? If she really were Anastasia, then it would be obvious that she would hide her identity so that she could protect her family.

    The case could be closed but they could’ve just closed it so that everything would just rest already. What if there was more to it? The world is crazy you know? Anything is possible.

    I was the same with Caty. When my dad died, I found out info’s about him (though not as wild as royalty) but it came to a halt when I tackled my grandparents. I never met them, so I asked my dad’s cousin. And she told me that my granddad wasn’t so open about his family/relative matters unlike my grandmother. Doesn’t that just make you curious?

    Like I said, anything is possible. Whether or not she IS Anastasia, I still support Caty’s decision of suspecting or doubting as it would really help her look for her Russian family. 🙂

  6. Its just so sad how people can be too judgmental, making hasty generalizations without even thinking what the PDI article was really about. Fine, PDI definitely sensationalized it but the entire article itself tackles Ms Caty Petersen’s quest to find & trace her Russian roots. And I agree with the others here. It’s a plain and simple common sense that grandmama Tasia isn’t even claiming she’s the Duchess but she’s more of hiding and don’t even want to be seen specially by other caucasians.

  7. i think KATE MABERLY looks like her……..

  8. DNA testing has proven that all of the Romanov family’s remains are accounted for. True, they couldn’t tell which were Anastasia’s and which were her sister’s, but they entire family is accounted for. It’s over. Move on.

  9. So if Ms. Peterson feels that her grandmother could be a Romanov then get some DNA from her. A hair. Or what about Caty, can we get DNA. I am so tired of people seeking publicity for someones horrific death.

  10. is this issue still alive? oh my stars… the tzar’s entire family was wiped out. DNA and forensics have closed the case. nobody in russia really believes Anastasia survived, and nobody really cares for the Romanovs anymore. and if anyone is interested to know how the surviving genuine blood (distant) relatives of the Romanovs live, well… they’re not exactly living a life of luxury. one male descendant recently appeared as a contestant in a dating show in europe, and works as a taxi driver.

  11. How ’bout doing some DNA on Grandmama Tasia’s corpse? They had done it already on Anna Anderson, why not on Grandmamas case then?

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