Tulfo-Santiago childish brawl at NAIA-3

Yesterday morning, the Philippine public has shocked with a brawl at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport-3 baggage section between between newspaper columnist Mon Tulfo and actor Raymart Santiago.

That accident happened according to reports when Claudine reprimanded a Cebu Pacific flight attendant about her missing luggage. Then, she spotted a man taking a video of what was going on.

Then Raymart confronted the man, who turned out to be Tulfo. Raymart reported that when he approached Tulfo to confront him, the columnist retaliated by punching him. It was taken through a camera of a certain private citizen (video above from Youtube) that Mon Tulfo was retaliated in return with fist not just by Raymart but also Claudine and their other companions and the airport security cannot even control the situation and that area, there was no CCTV camera installed. OMG NAIA management!

Both sides have different accounts on who’s the one who started the skirmish but most reports said that it was Tulfo who started to physical skirmish however the side of the Santiago couple retaliate many times against Tulfo and then Tulfo right now is suffering the injury on his face.

That brawl should have not been happened if the both sides never makes any foolish actions like for example Tulfo’s trying to mediate the confrontation between Claudine and a flight attendant of Cebu Pacific with Tulfo allegedly using a camera to cover that confrontation or Claudine never shows her “palengkera” attitude of reprimanding a flight attendant then joining the entire brawl between Raymart and Mon instead of stopping them.

The lesson of this accident is to be more humble, patient, and diplomatic on dealing someone else.


10 thoughts on “Tulfo-Santiago childish brawl at NAIA-3

  1. i do believe that both sides are at fault. If it weren’t for that attitude of Mrs Santiago, the said reporter wouldn’t have been tempted to document such “scandalous” act. Since scandals like these are news worthy in the country, it wouldn’t be surprising for scumbag reporters to stoop that low.

    • I believe that not just the both sides are at fault. The Cebu Pacific and the NAIA management should be blamed too for their stinky customer services and security lapses that the airport police cannot even stop the brawl.

    • Just because someone is palengkera doesn’t mean you have to stoop low to get a scoop for your column or whatever. Mon was not only asking for it, but if he did indeed throw the first punch or kick, then he is the culpable one. Enough said on the question of whodunnit.

      And yes, no CCTV at NAIA?? In post-9/11 world where plane hijacking and bombings and possible, even on our shores, this is truly negligent and appalling coming from NAIA.

      • I would hve reprimanded the stewardess too then would hve asked for a higher up – supervisor – to explain Y my luggage was missing and how / what their actions would be for me to get my things pronto ! it would b useless to continue reprimanding the stewardess coz she wnt b able to give me details of what i want to know ! As for mon ‘d siya dapat nakialam coz d naman pinapatay yung stewardess ” – misplaced heroism ! I feel it is my prerogative to give stewardess/ higher up a piece of my mind coz if Cebu Pacific was organized the luggages would not hve been gone missing ! people love to ‘make husga’ right away – they should try to put themselves in that situation n see what they are going to do themselves ! I believe in asserting myself when i feel i m right but if i realize i made a mistake i wld apologize !

  2. I somehow like this entry.. I get your POV… But I still think that when a man is getting a video of me bursting with anger; I would want to kill him too… It’s a human nature… and knowing CebPac’s reputation on such cases like worst services etc. and their NEED NOT TO NOW attitude in handling complaints, only an abbot would remain calm… It’s true that Claudine run out of patience and cursing in front of her children is a parenting fail… and about Tulfo, I think greed of getting a good scoop consumed him, and that was despicable… One more thing, I viewed a post of Mon Tulfo’s daughter, or someone named Gem who works in Meralco(just my geust, she mentioned about her reputation on the company) with the same video over Facebook with descriptions showing her anger toward the couple and cursing them. Dafuqqq is that,!!! just like Mon’s brothers challenging the other party to another brawl, they’re just making things worst, if it could get even more. I think I showed how the Santiago’s were wrong and most people would identify their wrong doing clearly. But I have to say I disgust the Tulfos even more.I, as someone who wanted to become a journalist and them who are supposedly pillars of the industry doing things like that or cursing people over their program is really disgusting. People who call other people scum are far worst than scum. I never liked them even once. They’re the reason why i kept doubting in committing myself to journalism, They are likely people who I’ll meet someday in hell… I’m very sorry, I just had to say what I’m feeling right now.

  3. In fairness, a man has been jumped on, mauled, and finally ganged up by a famous celebrity couple and their friends, whose lovelife is undeniably a turbulent, lest, mixed with violent relationship. I am taking the side of Mr. Tulfo in a manner befitting him because he alone, was indefensible, in other words, he was left to defend himself against a gang. Regardsless, the consequence of taking a cheap flight/airfaire comfounded by the scorching Philippine weather made all the matters worst. Baretto, as already known outside of her home as heaving a swell head, should have vent out her frustration over the upper management of the airline, not to a poor, hapless entry level employee, whom probably, was only trained to handle minimal complaint. The damages were done, and all the public can do now is wait and see for the next chapter.

  4. i feel the same way Claudine shld hve asked for a higher up coz i would hve done that BUT claudine’s turbulent / violent relationship should not be included ! i know mon – i consider him a friend n i feel ‘d dapat pinag tulungan” ! both of us were not there so that means we did not see the beginning – rt? i hve met claudine several times n that she is a nice enough person ! we cannot judge – we should try to put ourselves in the same situation n ask ourselves – “ano ang gagawin ko kung nangyari sa akin? “

  5. I don’t get why one high profiled journalist like Tulfo would waste his time over a celebrity in amok. but let’s look at the bright side. We now know that NAIA has security issues, inoperable CCTV, incompetent security staff, etc. Cepu Pacific should at least make their services more efficient so as to avoid enraged customers. Digs? 🙂

  6. anyone in the airport could have taken a video of Claudine berating a ground attendant. Of course, she’s an actress, she’s famous. who would not take a video of such an incident? People love to upload any type of videos in youtube nowadays! it just happened that a well known local journalist such as Mon Tulfo was taking the video shot. What if it was an ordinary person in random with the group of Raymart and Claudine, would they still beat him up all together?? Taking video or photographs in public is not a crime. unless, you’re taking a photograph of a crime scene, you’ll be in big trouble.

    Remember, the Santiago side has been telling the press that Tulfo had punched him first. but where is the bruises on Raymart’s face? Nothing! compare to Mon Tulfo’s face after the brawl… and about the bruise of Claudine on her leg, it could be acquired during their stay in Boracay. who knows….anyone who kicked someone like that on the leg by a grown-up man, i don’t think he/she could walk properly after that. LOL! xD

    This is just for my own opinion and observation.

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